planet earth a flying saucer?

Our planet earth
may just be a giant flying saucer like planet,
self sufficient and sustained like a Noah’s Ark.
Because our own planet blew up for some reason
And this is our ship now called earth
Designed to sustain life forms.
Some what like a full or A half egg shell
that can resist impact from the outside,
but weaker on the inside for an easy exit
to explore for new home lands,
but humans lack of understanding endangered our actual ship (planet).
Because of our unwise experiments & destructive behavior.
Causing this flying saucer to malfunction & destroy most of the anterior life forms & technology.
Our planet is actually a living life form similar to a humans body,
and it grows, etcetera…
Our own past technology got lost in a mass destruction
Provoked by humans or an object coming from outer space.
Earth is some what like a giant laboratory!
Eliama&i explained.By Eliama&i

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